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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully check your order information before you click the final step when buying coins, for example, formation, position, league, the personal information used to contact you etc. The correct information will speed up the delivery and avoid unnecessary trouble during transaction. If you have made a mistake, calm down and don’t worry. Contact us as soon as possible, live Chat & E-mail are both available.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given except in the event of no coins being traded within a 24 hour period, providing the user has fully completed the tasks required for us to transfer the purchased player.

Conditions of Use

By entering this site you are agreeing to transfering up to 1 million on your FUT account.

If you fill in your details more than once, we have the right to bann your account on FUT forever, by that you will loose all your coins, and no coins will ever be generated. When entering your account details you give our proffesional team the rights to transfer coins between generator and your account. Minimm transfer will stay at 7500 coins, and if you have less coins than 7500, you will not get any free coins at all. Your account details will stay safe in our crypted database, and noone but our highly skilled team of glitchers will have access to your details. Once the coins have been transfered your details will be destructed, and never to be found again in our database. 

You are NOT buying “FIFA Coins” or “FIFA Players” from as they are owned 100% by “EA Sports”. We are in no way associated with “EA Sports” or FIFA 13 and we do not say we are. You are simply purchasing our services to send you the coins you have purchased, not the coins themselves, which are and always will be the property of EA.

Our rights as a Seller

As a seller we reserve the right to: * Alter the prices of all online items at any time. * Refuse the sale of any item to any buyer at any time. * Withhold the delivery of any coins until the appropriate tasks have been completed by the buyer. * Activate or deactivate promotional offers on all online items at any time. * Remove any items from sale at any time.

Rights as a Buyer

The Coin Generator takes a lot of time and effort to install, when using this service, please make sure that you are signed out of FUT for at least 12 hours after generation is in progress. If the coin generator is interrupted, a glitch can appear and all your players can dissappear and be listed on transfer instead. to avoid the coin generator doing something wrong, please stay signed out of FUT for at least 12 hours.

As a buyer you reserve the right to:

* Demand a full refund should your order not be delivered within a 24 hour period, providing you have fully completed the tasks required for us to transfer the purchased player.