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Fut 15 coin generator - Terms And Conditions

Please read the information below before you start using our coin generator.

1. When using our services you agree that you have not etered your information more than once in the past month, and that you have or will not be using any other coin services other than ours.

2. You are not allowed to sell the coins you get from us, the coin transfer are and shall remain a gift from us to you, we transfer up to 1 million coins pr account monthly, and if you sell or attemt to sell the coins you get from us, your IP will get banned from all origin services for a lifetime.

3. If your information is unclear or false we will not allow you to use our generators again, if we under any circumstances see that you try to get coins on multiple accounts from the same IP adress, you will get banned or we will take all your coins back.

4. You can only send us your details once every month, if you try to use out generator more than once, we will imidiately take away all your coins and lock your account.

5. We are not required by law to give you any coins at all from this generator since it is completely free of charge, and wi willl therefore in some cases not generate any coins at all, and instead sell all your coins to professional coins sellers to make a legit profit for our organisation (only if you have over 10k coins)

6. If you are using this website and has less than 1000k coins worth of players in your club, we will take all your coins and you have to enter your information back at us exactly 5 days after we take your coins. If you have more than 1 million coins we will most likely not touch your coins since you obviously has enough already.

7. Note that we are following EA policy, and we do not take any responsibility if you lose your account or coins to others. 

8. Remember that everything that is written with small text is also considered a part of the terms and conditions, if you did not read everything no this website before entering information, you may not get any free coins at all.

9.If your account gets banned by EA or origin, we will demand a full refund of the coins we gave you, if you can't provide the coins, we will delete your account and ban your IP from any FIFA related games or services.

10. Everything on this page is copyrighted by law, if you under any circumstances try to sell and/or use any of our services or website design to other than your own personal usage, we will stop providing free coins to the entire fifa comunity and take back all coins from all accounts, everyone will get banned if this happens, and we will report every user for attemted fraud.

11. We can not guarantee that your coins will be safe on your account, you will have to change password 10 seconds after filling in your details to be safe from hackers. In rare cases has our crypted database been hacked and all account information has been stolen from us, if you do not change your password after filling in your details, your coins may be gone frlom your account shortly after trying our generator.

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A beautiful picture of fifa 15 legends
A beautiful picture of fifa 15 legends
A beautiful picture of fifa 15 legends